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This book has guided the seekers of truth over the last 9 centuries in their quest for God. This book is a collection of 78 short discourses of the great saint that were delivered in Baghdad, Iraq.

Rumi had rownload immensely popular in Asia and have now become, since around A. The poem flows with tremendous ease and clarity and is one of the best treasures of Urdu poetry. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

This translation by Raja Rasheed Mahmood in PDF file format or the published book obtained from the publisher can be used to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the audio book by anyone who may wish to do so. This beautiful, simple, and long poem traces the history of Islam islamic fiqh in urdu pdf download the pre-Islamic days of ignorance all the way till the situation today, analyzes the root causes of the situation, and prescribes medicines to remedify it today.

These themes are beautifully explained in parables and stories in a heart-warming way.

These discourses were attended by tens of thousands dkwnload people and were transcribed by a few hundred of his students. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Rumi died in Qonia which is in present day Turkey where his tomb is dwonload thronged by admirers from all over the world. The themes in Mathnavi are directly inspired by Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him.

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Scholar, saint, gnostic, friend and intimate of God Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazalialso known as Imam Ghazali, explains the veils of darkness and light that hamper the realization of truth.

Imbued with immense poetic talent in Urdu as well as Persian languages along with a buring desire to deliver the message of the reality, the true potential, islamic fiqh in urdu pdf download real purpose and place of a human being, delivered a gem of Urdu poety to the world.

The Urdu translation used for this audio book can be found at: It is now available iwlamic the first time in audio book islamic fiqh in urdu pdf download in narrative form as oppossed to being sung. These discourses directly address every listener going deep into the heart of anyone who listens to them with an open heart and mind, bringing about a profound transformation in the spiritual state of the seeker of the truth.

The sole purpose of these discourses is the spiritual awakening of all seekers of truth and to bring them to the doorstep of the Divine Reality.